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Birthday Packages

What is a birthday party without vibrant and eye-catching balloons? Balloons are essential birthday decorations, no matter how old the celebrant turns.

At Hello Joi, we design our very own birthday balloon packages to be customisable, versatile and creative, keeping in mind that we want simple celebrations to be affordable and easy for all. That way, when hosting intimate birthday parties, you can enjoy a combination of customised balloons, structures, letter foil and helium balloons at a more cost-effective price. Free delivery is included, so have peace of mind when you choose Hello Joi.

There is no other collection in Singapore quite like ours, they transform your party from average to tasteful and chic. Our balloon decoration for birthday parties in Singapore is one of our top-rated services. Count on us to take care of your balloon decorations! Complete your party, make it look good, make it look fun with one of our many birthday balloon packages to choose from.